DAC Python101 Workshop 2019

DAC Python101 Workshop 2019

Date: 17 September 2019

Time: 7PM – 10PM

Venue: A 4.14 & A 4.15

Facilitators: Alan & Jia Er


Facilitators for Python Workshop (from left to right: Jia Er & Alan)


Part 1 – Introduction to Python

Using Google Colab to create your first Python notebook

Our helpful Subcommittee facilitators

Part 2 – Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Visualization in Python

Import data from files using Jupyter Notebook

Photo of Subcommittee facilitators and our participants

Our participants

Helping each other and learning together

Kahoot time! Are you ready?


Oh gosh! There are some tricky questions

Try the best!


Group Photo of Python 101 Workshop

End of Round 1 DA101 Workshops

Thanks for coming, hope everyone learnt or benefited from our DA101 workshops series, good job to all of our facilitators!



Missed the round 1 DA101 workshops?

No worries, the round 2 DA101 workshops is coming up soon in October!

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See you next time!