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Date: 21 January 2020

Time: 7:30PM – 9PM

Venue: SR A.4.14/A.4.15



Vincent Tatan

  • Data Analyst (Machine Learning), Trust and Safety at Google

Ali Yaakub

  • Head of Data at


Workshop Session 1

Speaker: Vincent


Workshop Session 2

Speaker: Ali


Appreciation Ceremony


Group Photos


Networking Session


The End?

— No! Fun Shot Session


Thanks for coming to both our workshop speakers and participants!

See you in our next Phoenix TechWeek Workshop!

DAC Members Meeting 3

DAC Members Meeting 3


Date: 14 January 2020

Time: 7PM -10PM

Venue: B.5.07/08


Fashion Shows

Prize Presentation

Promoting Our Upcoming Events 

DAC Kiln (DACK) 2020 – Hackathon

Phoenix Tech Week 2020

DAC MM3 Group Photo

Thanks for coming, wish all of you have a fun night and see you in our upcoming events!


DAC Hi-5 Birthday Party

DAC Hi-5 Birthday Party


Date: 6 December 2019

Time: 6PM -10PM

Venue: Urban Tavern Besar


DAC Birthday Party Decoration Team


Birthday Party Food Catering


Photo Booth


Game Station


DAC Subcommittees

Ready For The Fun Shoots? Here we go …

DAC Birthday Cake

DAC Alumni, Club Adviser and EXCO’s Group Photo

Zan (Club Adviser) was invited for cake cutting

DAC EXCO & Club Adviser Group Photo

DAC EXCO Group Photo

Thanks for everyone’s coming, wish all of you enjoy yourselves and have a fun night!

This is our last DAC event for our members in 2019, we looking forward to continue work with all our committee members in the next following years.

Thank you and see you in 2020!

DAC Christmas Party 2019

Data Analysis Club

Christmas Party 2019

Date: 2 December 2019

Time: 7PM – 10PM

Venue: SR A.2.17C


Early Christmas Celebration Party with our dearest DAC Subcommittees

Food is priority to our DAC family members ^_^

Individual Game Prize Winners

Team Game Prize Winners

Lucky Draw Prize Winner

Game – Blow Wind Blow

Game – Music Chairs

Christmas Log Cake

Last but not least, Merry Christmas to all our DAC Family Members!

Intermediate Python Workshops

DAC Members Exclusive Workshops

Workshop 1 – Intermediate Data Analysis with Pandas

Workshop 2 – Introduction to Machine Learning

Date: 26 November 2019 | 28 November 2019

Time: 7PM – 10PM

Venue: B.5.08 | B.4.08

Facilitator: Zhafran (DAC Alumni)


DAC Members Meeting 2

DAC Members Meeting 2

Amazing Race

Date: 14 November 2019

Time: 7PM – 10PM

Venue: B.5.10


Champion – Group 3

Runner-up – Group 2

2nd Runner-up – Group 1

MM2 Group Photo

Thanks for coming, hope all of you have a fun night and good weekend ahead!



DAC Python101 Workshop (Run2)

DAC Python101 Workshop 2019 (Run 2)


Date: 7 November 2019

Time: 7PM – 10PM

Venue: SR B.5.10

Facilitators: Alan & Jia Er

Facilitators (from left to right: Alan & Jia Er)


Workshop Throwback – Facilitators and Participants


Kahoot! Time


Alan – Python101 Part1 Facilitator

Jia Er – Python101 Part2 Facilitator


Group Photo

The End of DA101 Workshop Series 2019

Thanks for coming and wish all the best!