" The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight." -Carly Fiorina.

Domain Knowledge

Knowing programming language such as R and SQLKnowing programming language such as R and SQL

Art of Communication

Communication and Data Visualization SKills

Science & Statistical Analysis

Ability to map raw data and convert it into an understandable information that everyone could read


In DAC, we always try to give something back to our community, here are some of the lists


23 August 2018


Members’ Meeting 1


SIM B.5.10

Our Vision & Mission

When this club started, it is not for no reason.

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Why DAC?

Mankind has entered a new age of technology,  one where it’s very survival depends on mastering  the old Internet with new Data Analysis and we want you to be a part of it, learning together with us.

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4th Exco’s of DAC

Wen Qi


Cheng Han

Vice President


Secretary & Treasurer


Marketing Director

Ming En

Project Manager


Events Director

Ricky Felix

Chief Information Officer


Business & Management

In B&M, we show you how programming language can improve overall solutions

Professional Talks

In some of our events, we ask for professionals from the field, to tell you more about this particular subjects

Psychology & Social Science

We can use program to see whether we can find a relationship in events that is ongoing arround us

Programming Languange

DAC will provide you basic of Programming Language involving Data Analysis like Phyton, SQL, and especially R

Economics & Finance

To be able to predict using programming languange will improve overall problems

Subcomitee and Facilitator

Sometimes, our manpower are not enough to help everyone. That is when and where you came in.


We try our best to improve the club. But us alone is not enough. Everytime a feedback is send, we will read it through and seek out the solution of your problem. With this, we will become better and so will your experience.

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