DAC R101 Workshop 2019

DAC R101 Workshop 2019

We R Ready !

Date: 27 August 2019

Time: 7PM – 10PM

Venue: SR B.5.10

Facilitators: Wen Qi & Wei Xiong

R101 Facilitators: Wei Xiong & Wen Qi (from left to right)

In our first workshop of 2019, we covered about R and the interace that we use to code in, RStudio, discovering details of the platform, such as how to perform statistical computing or graphics development. Our 2 EXCO presenters Wen Qi & Wei Xiong explained everything from the basics of R to ensure that it was beginner friendly for everyone, as not all the participants may have a lot of knowledge on what Data Analytics is all about. Students understood certain parts of RStudio such as Source, Console, Environment and History, Files, Plots, Packages and Help. 

Students learned more about what Data Analysis is and the different types of Data Analysis.

Facilitators approaching students to guide


Next we taught participants about R packages and which the functions that exist, by analysing a problem statement “What is the total fertility rate of Singaporeans over the years?”.

We shared the common issues that people could face with R when doing data visualising and the tips that we should apply when doing data analytics with R.

To get the participants to get a better feel of how R can be applied in data analytics, we showed how we can visualise by using ggplot and how to create graphs with R by practicing with additional datasets from Department of Statistics, Singapore. A lot of websites such as Kaggle and Data.gov.sg also have a lot of datasets available online, where you can easily import the dataset and apply Data Analytics on your own!

Ready to practice

Studying in groups instead of alone


Last but not least, group photo of DAC R101 Workshop!

Thanks for coming, see you in the next workshop!