DataFest 2021 – Project Kickoff and Workshop

Open to all SIM Students, DAC DataFest 2021 is held by Data Analysis Club consisting of a series of online workshops, industry sharing sessions and a project showcase to provide students with an avenue to work on a Data Analytics project together with fellow students.

We launched our Project Building on 15th January, where participants were divided into different groups, where they discussed and selected their problem statement. It was great seeing people from different backgrounds coming together to work together on a project! 👍👍

To allow our participants to get a better idea of how data analytics can help to automate and streamline processes in today’s world, our EXCOs also held a workshop to share more about how in can be done with some of the tools also used in Data Analytics, such as using web-scraping tools, APIs, Excel, VBA, SQL and Python. The EXCOs also shared the importance to have diagraming through flowcharts or data flow diagrams in a tech project to better visualise how the data is transferred from one location to another.


An example of a flowchart

This is the heading

An example of webscraping

Curious to see what the participants came up with at the end of two weeks? Do stay tuned for more updates! Do subscribe to our channel: No Fear DAC, where we’ll be uploading some of the highlights of DAC’s events there! 😉😉