DAC R101 Workshop 2019 (Run 2)

DAC R101 Workshop 2019 (Run 2)


Date: 17 October 2019

Time: 7PM – 10PM

Venue: LT A.4.04

Facilitators: Wen Qi & Wei Xiong

Before diving into the R101 (Run 2), we had 2 special guests, Ryzal, a DAC Alumni and Jackie, the co-founder of UpLevel, who came to share with students about career opportunities in Data Analysis. Students were introduced to platform JobStreet.com and found out how they could have a better portfolio by doing projects. 


Facilitators (from left to right: Wei Xiong & Wen Qi)
Jackie came down to share career opportunities in Data Analytics
Another guest spotted in the photo? Yes, it’s our DAC Alumni – Ryzal !

After our first run of R101, our participants had a better understanding of R, so we shared more knowledge about R.


Workshop consisted of several parts. In the first part we reminded students about what is R, for what we need it and which capabilities it has. Described more about script, working directory and help function.  

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Group Photo