DAC Tableau101 Workshop (Run2)

DAC Tableau101 Workshop 2019 (Run 2)


Date: 24 October 2019

Time: 7PM – 10PM

Venue: SR B.5.07

Facilitator: En Hao


In our second round of our DAC Tableau101 Workshop, we went more in depth on the different segments of Tableau and covered areas such as granularity, interactive filters, calculations and string functions. 

We started off with simple data cleaning on the dataset to remove unnecessary data. We then went to the dataset and used the dimensions and measures to plot some graphs. Using the drill down and hierarchies, we were able to create and stack multiple layers of column names that can be further expanded. This was useful for our participants to declutter their workspace and prevents unnecessary drilling down of data.

The participants then had a chance to try it out themselves, where our team of EXCOs and subcommittees were available to answer possible questions or issues they could be facing with Tableau.


Next, we explored on how we can visualise data better by summarising them in different ways with measure names and values. Parameters can also be used to set a limit on our data, where interactive filters such as sliders, checkboxes and dropdown menus can be used.


One innovative way that we could perform data visualisation would be to ‘go wild’ with our creativity in displaying our graphs with the use of mark cards. Students had fun here when they were playing around with them. 

Hope you guys had fun at the workshop and learned something new!