Python 101 Writeup 2021

Khaine and Zhiyi concluded this year’s DA101 series with everyone’s favourite language, Python! Python is one of the most popular languages in the world; and for good reason! It is an extremely versatile language, but most importantly, it is essential for budding Data Scientists as it’s the primary language with which we work.


Python101 was catered to complete beginners, with a section at the end to explore how Python can be applied in a Data Analytics situation. Python101 achieved a turn up rate of more than 90 participants among the DA101 workshop series! This year, we added a little twist to the workshop; Python 101 is Pokemon themed!


Part 1: Introduction to Python by Khaine

We began the workshop by introducing Python, what it is used for, and how to set up Google Colab to begin coding.

We introduced Python data types (str, int, etc.), operators (+, -, %, etc), and ended off the segment with conditional statements (if-else statements). These are the fundamentals of Python and we wanted our participants to have a good grasp of these concepts before moving on to more interesting concepts.

Part 2: Exploratory Data Analysis by Zhiyi

For this segment, we began by introducing Python libraries, teaching how to upload a csv file to Colab, and begin manipulating the displayed data using simple python commands.

We then taught several methods of data visualisation, such as histograms and scatter plots. Finally it was activity time! Using the Pokemon dataset, we had participants visualise data based on certain parameters such as speed and attack, and ending off by finding their chosen pokemon.

We thank everyone for turning up to support DAC. We certainly hope that it was a great workshop for all our participants, especially those who took their first step on their Data Science journey.

We hope to see you next time!