DACK 2020

DAC Kiln 2020


Date: 1 February 2020

Time: 11AM – 6PM

Venue: A4.14/A.4.15

With our work year coming to a close, DAC recently held our annual flagship event, DAC Kiln (DACK), a hackathon that focuses on the general soft skill management of CCAs in SIM and hard skill optimization through Data Analytics. With data management and analytics skills that we’ve shared over the past work year, we saw various ideas and suggestions on how we could apply the skills and overcome the possible CCA-centric problems.


DACK 2020

DACK’s about to start!


Group Presentations

Evan describing about the prototype
Participants sharing about their findings based on their research


Judges listening attentively to the participants’ presentations


Seems like some data visualisation skills were applied here Prakash 😎


The team explaining on the current process


It was a good experience for some of our members whom may not have experience with such hackathons and we did hear about some interesting ideas that we could introduce in the future as well. Kudos to everyone that participated!

Prize Presentation and Group Photos

Data Mentorship Programmes

In addition, one of our SIM Alumni, Traci, also shared about offering free mentorship programmes to our DAC Members that aspire to have a data-related career. Thanks Traci!

EXCO Selections 20/21

Last but not least, our EXCO selections for our upcoming work year is also coming up soon. Our president, Jia Er, has also shared some details about our upcoming selections as well. Anyone excited for this?


A big thank you to everyone that participated and we hoped that everyone enjoyed it! See ya next year!