DAC DA101 Workshops 2020

A lot of us could be unsure of the common tools used in data science and how we could pick up such skills, especially those that are new to data analytics. We’ve recently conducted our DA101 workshops, where we held our introductory workshops and introduced common tools used in Data Science, SQL, R and Tableau via Zoom.

Feel free to spot yourself on the photos below and click on the links to see some of the things we’ve shared in our workshops!

SQL | R | Tableau



Facilitators: Evan & Wei Hock


Facilitators: Jia Er & Wei Hock


Facilitators: En Hao & Zhi Yi



A big thank you for everyone who attended our workshops, we hope everyone had some takeaways from this session.

We hope to see you for our Python series as well!

Looking forward to seeing some Pandas as well?