Machine Learning Series with Python Workshops

Following from our Python introductory series, DAC continued sharing more about how Python could be used in Data Science with Machine Learning in our first Members-Meeting workshop!

Much of what we do with machine learning happens beneath the surface. Machine learning drives our algorithms for demand forecasting, product search ranking, product and deals recommendations, merchandising placements, fraud detection, translations, and much more. Though less visible, much of the impact of machine learning will be of this type — quietly but meaningfully improving core operations.” – Jeff Bezos, CEO Of Amazon

Click here to take a look at some of the areas that we covered during our two workshops! A lot of different applications and algorithms are actually used in the field of Machine Learning, and we only covered a basic introduction about ML. We would strongly encourage everyone to explore more about it through various online resources.



With the conclusion of our ML series, this also marks the end of our workshops for the year. Do stay tuned to our social media platforms for more updates on our upcoming events as well! 😉

~No Fear DAC