Covered By: Evan, Wei Hock

With the end of our DA101 workshops (SQL, R and Tableau) for 2020, here’s a throwback on what we’ve previously covered, starting off with our first DA101 Workshop of 2020, SQL.

With SQL101 being the first workshop of 2020, we introduced both our club and what data analytics (DA) is all about. Our participants came from a diverse range of backgrounds, and some of them were new to DA. To make it more relatable for them, we created a simple e-commerce dataset that contained dummy data. With fewer tables and fields, we tried to make it simpler to understand the relationships between the different tables and fields.

We introduced everyone to MySQL, an open-source relational database management system. We explained the basic statements in SQL on how we could retrieve data from a database by querying it with different statements such as WHERE, LIKE, AND and OR statements. We also had some activities for participants to try out and see if they could apply their understanding. Our team of both EXCOs and subcommittee members were also available if any of the participants had any issues or doubts to ask.

Feel free to browse about what we’ve done in our previous SQL workshops in 2019 here as well!