Covered By: Jia Er, Wei Hock

R101 was initially a challenge for our team while we were planning, due to the possible difficulties that could occur (e.g. Software involved, Installation issues), which would be tricky to address with online workshops. We decided to shift to another platform Google Colab instead of RStudio this year. It took us some time to adapt to the changes but we coped with it well.

In the first half of our workshops, we introduced our participants to R, explaining about the different data types and functions, such as Matrix and Control Statements, to make sure that they would have a solid foundation for the Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) segment of the workshop afterwards. Simple exercises were given at the end of each area to allow the participants to apply what they have learnt, where we split them to different breakout groups to discuss on the exercises together.

In the segment half of our workshops, we analysed the superhero dataset to capture the attention of our participants. We also shared the general steps of the EDA process, and capped it off with data visualisation, exploring some of the uses of the different graph functions.

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