Python Series

Covered by:

Prakash, En Hao (Python 101)

Prakash, Jia Er (Advanced Python)

Unlike previous years, we opted for a two session Python Series, to facilitate in-depth learning of the Python language this year.

The first of the two sessions, Python101, served as an introductory session to coding with Python. It was a code-along session where students had hands-on experience at the basics of Python coding. We also introduced time-series analysis, where students were able to apply the basics they learnt previously, and analyse various observations across regular time intervals. It was very well-received by the students, and we hope to explore it further, in the future as well.

The second session, Advanced Python, was more on data analysis using Python, applied to real life data. We covered Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) using the seaborn library, where students were able to visualise and compare various trends and patterns in the data, which can be used to make important conclusions.


Afterwards, we covered a new concept, Market Basket Analysis(MBA). Using Python, we found various co-occurrences in the selected data frame, and used it to make various forecasting decisions. Although MBA required a certain background and knowledge on statistics, which not all our participants had, we tried to make it easy to understand and less complicated to help students with no statistical background. Through this, we wanted to show the importance of statistics in data analysis using Python, which was one of the key skills required in data analytics.

The Apriori Algorithm a classic algorithm useful in mining frequent itemsets and relevant association rules


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