DAC DataFest 2021

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About the Event


Open to all SIM Students, DAC DataFest 2021 is held by Data Analysis Club consisting of a series of online workshops, industry sharing sessions and a project showcase to provide students with an avenue to work on a Data Analytics project together with fellow students.

We encourage students to share suggestions and ideas to work together to build interesting projects together.

Opportunity to work with people of different backgrounds


Create and Experience
Get a chance to experience working on a project


Prizes would be given to the top 3 teams!

1st Place: $150 vouchers

2nd Place: $100 vouchers

3rd Place: $50 vouchers


Key Dates (More details on the checkpoint, submission and showcase will be shared in the Launch of Project Building Session 2021):

Date and Event
14th Jan:

Registration Closes

15th Jan:

Launch of Project Building Session 2021 and Release of Problem Statements

20th Jan:

Introductory Workshops

25th, 27th Jan:

Industry Talks, Get a chance to learn more about the Data Science industry by hearing from professionals from the industry!

29th Jan:

Final Showcase

Project Building



Industry Talks

DataFest 2021 – Industry Talks

Our guests:

Ryzal Kamis
Senior Platforms Engineer (ML Infra & Ops) at AI Singapore
Dara Tumenbayeva
Software Development Engineer, FAANG
Christian Jonathan
Co-founder, AI4IMPACT
Shwetha Ravi
Co-founder & CTO of Learnseeker
Andrew Tan
Country Manager at Wantedly



Do I need to form a team?
No you don’t. After we have successfully processed your registration, we’ll be allocating everyone to groups randomly and announce the groups on the launch of our Project Building 2020 session.

I have little/no experience in Data Analytics, can I still participate?
Yes! Our team have set the problem statements to consist of different topics and difficulties, making it suitable for people from different backgrounds. If you’re new to Data Analytics, you can also have a chance to upskill yourself by attending our workshops as well!

Who can participate?
All SIM students are welcome to participate!

Do I need to be physically present at any point during the session?
No, the events would be 100% online.

Can I participate if I'm based overseas?
Yes you can, the event will be held 100% online, so as long as you’re able to join us online, you’re welcome to join!


What are the training workshops about?
Our workshops will cover topics from APIs, web-scraping, data handling and automation.

How do I sign up for the workshops?
More details about the workshops will be shared at a later date.

How will the event be conducted?
It will be conducted via Zoom.

Will the workshop be recorded?
It will not be recorded.

I was not able to register/attend the workshop. Can I get the materials for the workshop?
No, the materials will only be shared to workshop participants.

What is the cost to join?
It’s free!